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Jingan Qu Shanghai City, China

Promotional Details
  • January 2008 Accepted request correspondence from Zhabei District in Shanghai
  • February ~ May 2008 Analyzed materials
  • May 22 2008 Replied back on exchange proposal of Zhabei District
  • May 28 2008 Reported current interchange status during district assembly
  • September 23 2008 Signed agreement on amicable exchange
Fundamental Status and Regional Characteristics Summary
  • Location : Located in the North of central Shanghai
  • Area : 29.26㎢
  • Population : Approx. 800,000
  • Administrative division : 8 roads 1 town(8个街道和1个镇)
  • Regional Characteristics

Important spot of Chang Jiang delta economic bloc, a development area of China’s economics centered with land transportation, traffic service and freight The triangle economic zone of the the Yangtze River (Chinese economic center)
Massed area filled with large public facilities, trademark of Shanghai including Everbright business center, Daning international business center, circus palace and others
High-tech industrial region with Shanghai Multimedia Valley possessing the largest park in Shanghai (Daning Lingshi Park)

Looking Around Zhabei, Shanghai

[ Major Facilities of Zhabei in Shanghai ]

  • Central area of Zhabei
  • Inhabitation facilities
  • Road traffic network
  • Station(Daily floating population of approx. 600,000 people)
  • Culture / Art facilities
  • Zhabei district buildings